Helping you understand how your DNA can make a difference in your life!

As the medical world continues to advance more healthcare professionals are relying on genetic screening to understand the foundation of health and disease, this makes genetics and genomics integral to a successful medical practice that can make a difference in every life. Whether you maybe wondering about your ethnic and ancestral roots, trying to optimize your diet and fitness program or wanting to understand your hereditary risk for developing a disease; genetic may hold the answer.

An example we all see today is that of the prevalence of cancer in all communities, the genetic and hereditary basis of cancer; makes testing critical to design the necessary preventative programs, a lady who was diagnosed with breast cancer and has a family history of the disease, may have heard about the BRCA testing to understand her risk and that of her children and other family members; Should she do the test? How can she understand the results? Who should be tested in her family? And what would be the course of action she needs to take as a result of her test?

All of these are amongst the many questions our licensed genetic counselors can help answer, we work with clients and patients to understand the value and results of genetic testing, guide them on the course of action required working with our or their treating physicians, this applies to many areas that touch the lives of every family now a days; prostate and breast cancer, personalized wellness based on genetic makeup for skin, immunity, weight management and nutrition, as well as disease risk and prevention are all areas our genetic counselors can help you address.

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