Dr. Muayad Mohamed Hassan


Dr. Muayad is a highly skilled General Practitioner with extensive experience in both Emergency Medicine and Family Medicine. He earned his Medical Doctor (MBBS) degree with honors from National Ribat University in Khartoum-Sudan. Dr. Muayad is known for his unwavering commitment to patient care and his ability to handle diverse medical scenarios, making him a trusted and reliable medical professional.

In Emergency Medicine, Dr. Muayad honed his skills in handling urgent medical cases and life-threatening emergencies during his residency at Al-Ribat Teaching Hospital in Khartoum-Sudan. His ability to stay composed under pressure and make well-informed decisions became invaluable in the fast-paced emergency department.

Family Medicine, Dr. Muayad expanded his expertise at GENTELMEN OFICCERS Department (Al-Ribat Teaching Hospital), developing a deeper understanding of preventive care, chronic disease management, and treating patients of all ages and backgrounds.

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